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Why hello there……

So blogging….. I’ve never properly tried it! I flirted with it on Myspace, even had a Word Press account 3 years ago when it was alllllll about the blogging. But I never posted anything. I really didn’t think I had anything interesting to say. I’m not what you would call an expert on anything ‘cool’ or useful….for example….

  • I like films but I don’t spend my evenings watching new obscure independent films and even when I do, I couldn’t possibly hope to understand them. Same thing with Music
  • I’m a fair cook but I am no Nigella
  • For someone (quite) young it takes me too long to grasp new technology
  • I’m too much of a sissy to write about my political views online
  • and so on…..

So what am I going to blog about? and why blog at all?!

I figure I’m a pretty normal person (Stop giggling) and like most people I get taken in by new trends, fads and hobbies. So hopefully this will act as a guide or provide some entertaining anecdotes at least.

And that brings me round to blogging…..

I haven’t done it before and neither have a lot of other people. Granted I am on a blogging website so most of you (if anyone bothers to read this) have tried it.(Well done you!)  I will then, try and be brief. Its very scary, I may never post this. I mean you can comment, its like a public diary where you can at best be criticised by strangers and at worst be totally ignored. (lets face it, no one blogs to be anonymous)

But hey that’s what this blog is all about, trying new things, so maybe I will post it……….

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