WSTN – Formula 1 – Silverstone

So on Sunday I ventured into the world of formula 1!

Nope I wasn’t driving, (which is unfortunate as you should see how I drive around roundabouts!), I was watching from the banks of Silverstone!

I must say before I properly begin I am not a motor racing virgin. I’ve actually been to a few stock car and banger races. I also don’t detest the sport as a whole. Its normally assumed that women hate sport and especially motor racing (football I do hate, so that’s pretty stereotypical of me). I actually rather like it (and no its not just because Jenson Button is dreamy). When it comes to watching it on telly, I like the rally cars, although I could by no means be considered a ‘proper fan’.

Formula 1 is a different matter entirely. I grew up in an age when Micheal Schumacher pretty much won every race, and there was no one racing whose names I could pronounce. So I didn’t give it much attention until the arrival of Button and Hamilton. (Even then I’ll watch the first few laps and Google the winner later)

Any way! the day itself was very last minute (we decided at 9:30 Sunday morning to go). We raced up (nice pun if do say so myself) to the track just in time to see the red arrows and grab a couple of pints (fairly reasonably priced if your used to London prices).

First thing you notice is the NOISE. Its not just loud its LOUD. But remarkably after 4 laps you adjust. We luckily wandered around the track quite a bit. I would suggest this as toilets are few and far between. Also you couldn’t tell what was going on from one spot. I did a lot of counting cars. Trying to find out where Hamilton was, only to realise after 10 mins I’d been looking at his team mates car!!! Every so often its good to find a big screen, especially when the safety car is out, as you cant hear the tannoy and you want to know who has crashed!

It is very exciting! and when your up by the stands the atmosphere is electric! I don’t know whether it was the lovely weather, the 2 pints I’d had or the fact we had a British racing driving fighting up the grid (not sure that’s the correct turn of phrase), but I was cheering and comparing lap times with the best of them! I even cheered when Vettel had to retire from the rest! (I cheered so loudly the man next to us had to leave, think the phrase ‘thank f**k he’s out’ may have had something to do with it)

The main downsides were getting to the event. We were very lucky, we got a train and then a lift. If you had to drive up you would have had to fork out a lot of money to park without getting a ticket. The parking wardens are very on it! even where its not clear whether you can park or not. I must have seen 50 tickets.

Also if you didn’t score a bargain like us the ticket prices are EXTORTIONATE!

Finally I don’t think I would have enjoyed it so much in the rain. (sporting events in the rain are only enjoyed by the extreme enthusiasts, the very rich in boxes and the very drunk, who would have a good time anywhere!)

Overall very enjoyable if you are lucky with the weather! I would go again, but I may try and score a ticket in a covered area, just in case the British summer goes all… well… British!

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