WSTN – Dieting – The Great Calorie Count

Animals Dont Do DietsSo before anyone thinks it, I know I’m not fat….. (If you did think I looked fat, well that’s a bit rude! either you need help or I need a new profile picture)

But it wasn’t allllllways this way, at my heaviest I was just shy of 13st. As I’m 5ft 7 I wasn’t huge but I found it difficult, especially as I was at school at the time.

I am now fairly happy with my weight but I still struggle to stay in my skinny jeans. I’m interested in if any of the new fad diets work and what damages they may do to your health…. and muggins here is the guinea pig.

I thought I would start with what has already worked for me. Calorie counting. I am not great at exercising. I do try (forcing myself go to the gym at least once a month to make the membership worthwhile). I have even joined teams and clubs hoping peer pressure will force me to go. But alas no.

Calorie counting, on the other hand, I took too like a fat kid on cake (poor use of that phrase). Back when I was trying to loose weight as a teenager, it. was. hard. Now there are fancy apps like my fitness pal and all the calories are on packets. I had to weigh food and look in a book before I could add the calories to my daily list. (oddly this had the side effect of me not being bothered to eat certain foods because I couldn’t find out how many calories where in them).

The other big struggle for calorie counters in the past was eating out. My top tip for restaurant meals is to eat slowly and stop when you are full. (A cereal bowl size of something calorifically yummy isn’t going to kill you). NOW its tooooooooo easy. All the meals have calories next to them along with whether they have nuts, wheat, meat, dairy etc, in them. You used to quietly guess at a meals calorie content. Lie to yourself about it and then have a good day the next day. Now there’s constant reminders that you should count your calories (and btw you could be allergic/intolerant to nut, wheat, meat, dairy, food… In fact just stop eating, put that bit of chocolate down.. Yes you!)*

I learnt to loose weight the hard way, researching calories and finding out what works for me. Learning self restraint. I am an advocate of calorie counting. It does work. But please have one day off a week, not only does it give you a break from numbers but it also teaches you restraint for when you inevitably stop counting.

I have now stopped counting full time. If I have a fatty weekend I may pick it up on Monday and Tuesday but nobody can do it full time forever.

It would drive you mad!

*please don’t actually stop eating! I was being sarcastic! (but you can offer me some of that chocolate! your greedy if you dont)

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