WSWN – The Internship

SPOILER ALERT don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

So every now and then I will be writing a quick review on a film I have found particularly interesting or a tv programme that has grabbed my attention….. This week its The Internship…..

Highly advertised (literally every advert break on 4od) I was a little worried that all the funniest bits would be in the advert. The on the line joke by the time I went to see the film was running a little thin….

There was however a ray of hope, and that was the combination of Wilson and Vaughn! They made the excellent wedding crashers together and most of their solo projects have been amusing.

So I headed to the cinema with mixed feelings about the film. I was also there with my super techy bf who I was convinced would get more jokes in the film then I would due to my lack of coding knowledge. (on this point he did actually spot the co founder of google doing a cameo, which totally would have gone over my head if he wasn’t there)

It follows the tale of two middle aged sales guys who find themselves unemployed and so take an internship at the apparent holy grail of work… Google. (I must note here that they pick up coding very quickly!) From there the ensues the predictable ageism, geeky jokes and even a romance thrown in for good measure! (I’m not here to tell you what happens if your that interested go watch the film)

Now I have heard a large amount of criticism about this film online. But I am not one to follow the crowd nor do I care if the plot was thin and there was no real character depth. It was an hour and a half of silliness and I laughed the whole way through! It was cheesy! And sure it wasn’t that challenging to predict the ending but there were genuinely belly laugh moments (having grown men playing quidditch has to be one of the funniest bits in the movie! It also gave me a moment to out geek my bf as I happen to know all the rules…..intimately)/em>

The only thing that bugged me was that it was a bit google advert but really that was inevitable….

Overall its a good watch if you are looking for something which wont take up too much brain power but will make you laugh. It certainly appealed to the closet geek in me! (closet geek isnt totally correct, I can be quite geeky publicly but tend to hide it at work or amongst friends! It’s hard to explain why you know the star wars script backwards!)

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