WSTN –Diets – Atkins Disaster

Sorry all been distracted by the gorgeous weather…. so let me fill you in on the latest diet news.

Basically it was an epic fail! I managed 5 days without carbs which is shameful! (the lure of pitta bread and hummus was farrrrr too strong)

Initially I was confused by all the limitations of the diet, and I miscalculated my sugar intake. To keep to the carb intake below the regulations of the diet, I restricted myself to the same meal. (Chicken and bacon salad with an olive oil dressing….. was soo bored of this after 3 days) I think if I had carried on I would have needed to branch out and find other foods that are allowed.

Snacking is particularly difficult! (There is only so much  ham a girl can eat!)

In hindsight I rushed in without researching meals. I would definitely need to do this should I ever want to try this again.

Overall I did lose 2/3 pounds during the 5 days but I think that was mainly due to my confusion and lack of eating anything other than chicken and bacon salad. If your a fan of rules are disciplined enough not to let yourself have the odd chip then I think it could work.

For me I needed to commit to it fully and my heart just wasn’t in it. (I had already planned to fail by starting it the week before I was due to go to Wireless festival)

I think the horror stories of how hard Atkins can be, scared me! I had already been warned by a friend that the diet was horrifically hard and that once you started eating carbs again the weight piled on….. I am determined to give it a proper go though! But maybe when the weather turns back into a normal British summer!

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