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WSWN – World War Z – Zombies everywhere!

A little belated review on the Zombie movie of the year! (I wasn’t aware there was more then one zombie film a year)

Zombie films are normally low budget, bits of fluff with no plot line and lots of blood and guts. I am not talking about the classics of the genre, 28 Days Later, The Evil Dead etc (Shaun of the Dead is by far the best hehe), I am talking about the late night sky/channel 5 films. These are so low rent I reckon I could make one with my I phone and bowl full of jelly in about a day.

World War Z is different. For a starters its a big Hollywood blockbuster! Money has been spent on this, you can tell from the CGI to the amount of extras to the director (who just so happens to be Brad Pitt in his directorial debut) Shockingly I haven’t read the book so I cant tell you how it compares!

It starts well, with genuine confusion from the cast as they are suddenly stopped in a New York street full of traffic. Ill be honest, I’m not a fan of children in movies nor in real life. I really could have done without them during the opening sequences especially the daughter who has asthma! Massive cliche! The film does keep the suspense going until we see our first zombie! Oddly the film is genuinely frightening! Zombie films normally go OTT with the special effects and gore. This one isn’t tame by any means but the gore feels less hammer horror and more realistic.

The scenes in the supermarket are genuinely harrowing as panic buying is something that genuinely happens in a time of crisis.

Anyway Brad Pitt and family escape the city. Brad Pitt, handily happens to be an ex UN man with connections, these connections happen to have a helicopter and a boat to house them on. All very convenient. The family thankfully have served their purpose and we hear very little from them for the rest of the film.  (apart from when they call at the most inconvenient times!)

Brad is then tasked to track down the source of the Zombie disease! This is when the film really picks up! It suddenly turns into an action adventure! Going to exotic places like South Korea, Israel and…. erm… Wales?

The Israel action sequences are truly epic which culminates in a plane crash! Mr Pitt has picked up a friend at this point a Mossad agent played by Daniella Kertesz. (she has a shaved head so she must be hard!) Who looses a hand and then survives a plane crash! (on the crash, they never would have survived that but it is Holywood! Killing off the main character/director wouldn’t have made much commercial sense)

Anyway I’m not here to tell you what happens but they end up in a medical research facility in… WALES. (Why wales? I don’t get it?) it then all goes a bit resident evil, roaming around medical corridors with zombies, until they discover a zombie repellent, deadly diseases.

For once its a clever solution to the problem. Well not solution, a half solution which makes it a teensy bit more believable.

Ok so its an action horror film! So its not going to change the world and yes if you don’t like gore then its probably not for you. I can say though that if your not a big zombie fan this film does give you more then flesh eaters. Terrific action and a fairly good story line and engaging characters make the film that bit more then a horror fest! Peter Capaldi popping up in wales made me smile as well.

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WSWN – Now You See Me….

Spoiler Alert- I talk about the film go see it and then read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Magician Thriller….. I was a bit dubious, my boyfriend had chosen the film also (he once made me watch Jack Reacher which was an awful film but to be fair I made him watch OZ which was equally as rubbish) (I quite enjoyed OZ though)

The film started well with them introducing the magicians one by one. Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson and the token woman Isla Fisher. So far so good. (I really like Fisher’s piranha trick made me squirm, even if the the piranhas did look more cgi then in the film Piranha 3dd) They all end up meeting in a strrrrrange apartment in New York, wondering who brought them all together. Then bam we are a year later….

I have no problem with skipping forward a bit but the way the film was set up was that we were going to be focussing on the four magicians. I was really keen to see more of Woody Harrelsons Mentalist. But alas no..l we have to watch the predictable FBI man and French Interpol woman fall for each other.

Even class actors like Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are given very little screen time.

Nope it’s the magic hating FBI Guy played by Mark Ruffalo, who hates magic so much it becomes plainly obvious that he is more involved, so the big reveal feels like it insults the audiences intelligence. The French Interpol woman played by Melanie Laurent, is soooo French she feels like a caricature and is almost unnecessary to the plot.

(I wonder when a woman will be in a thriller without being at the heart of some romance which is designed to attract the female audience..)

Overall the film bills itself as clever but really it thinks it is more clever then it actually is. Some of the ‘magic’ does come across as amazing but then you remember you are in a movie theatre not at a stage show. Also, and I am not one to complain about this noramally, but they could have done with less characters and spent more time on the development of the more interesting individuals (like Woody Harrelson)

Also it would have been nice to find out more about what they got up to on their year off. I feel this film would have been better if it had been from the perspective of the magicians not the law enforcement….

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WSWN – The Internship

SPOILER ALERT don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

So every now and then I will be writing a quick review on a film I have found particularly interesting or a tv programme that has grabbed my attention….. This week its The Internship…..

Highly advertised (literally every advert break on 4od) I was a little worried that all the funniest bits would be in the advert. The on the line joke by the time I went to see the film was running a little thin….

There was however a ray of hope, and that was the combination of Wilson and Vaughn! They made the excellent wedding crashers together and most of their solo projects have been amusing.

So I headed to the cinema with mixed feelings about the film. I was also there with my super techy bf who I was convinced would get more jokes in the film then I would due to my lack of coding knowledge. (on this point he did actually spot the co founder of google doing a cameo, which totally would have gone over my head if he wasn’t there)

It follows the tale of two middle aged sales guys who find themselves unemployed and so take an internship at the apparent holy grail of work… Google. (I must note here that they pick up coding very quickly!) From there the ensues the predictable ageism, geeky jokes and even a romance thrown in for good measure! (I’m not here to tell you what happens if your that interested go watch the film)

Now I have heard a large amount of criticism about this film online. But I am not one to follow the crowd nor do I care if the plot was thin and there was no real character depth. It was an hour and a half of silliness and I laughed the whole way through! It was cheesy! And sure it wasn’t that challenging to predict the ending but there were genuinely belly laugh moments (having grown men playing quidditch has to be one of the funniest bits in the movie! It also gave me a moment to out geek my bf as I happen to know all the rules…..intimately)/em>

The only thing that bugged me was that it was a bit google advert but really that was inevitable….

Overall its a good watch if you are looking for something which wont take up too much brain power but will make you laugh. It certainly appealed to the closet geek in me! (closet geek isnt totally correct, I can be quite geeky publicly but tend to hide it at work or amongst friends! It’s hard to explain why you know the star wars script backwards!)

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