So what the hell is this blog on about? and why should I read it?

Dammed if I know! but if you have read this far I feel like I’m wining. (Charlie Sheen style!) (such an old joke, he’s even changed his name since this was funny)

Anyway let me enlighten you….

I am one of those people easily hoodwinked into new fashions, fads, crazes etc. ( I even try the old style hobbies too, such as cross stitch, knitting etc). I figure a lot of other people want to try new things too but don’t know where to begin, or whether it will suit them. (I hope your still reading, I fear I may have lost you at the mention of cross stitch)

Anyway this blog is my opinion on new things I’ve tried, am trying or I am trying to ignore. You may agree, you may not, I’m not here to tell you what to do or what not to do (I am). Feel free to completely ignore my advice (most of you will). Hopefully it’ll give you ideas for a good day/night out (mostly around London sorry to the rest of the U.K. but that’s where I live), how to spend time in-between, how to loose weight effectively and rarely, I may make someone chuckle…….. but lets not get ahead of ourselves…..



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